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The Roe Australia Lights Up Glen Waverley Lunar New Year & Lantern Festival with Australian Sea Urchin Delights

On February 18, 2024, The Roe Australia was thrilled to be part of the vibrant and culturally rich Glen Waverley Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival, celebrating the auspicious Year of the Dragon. Held on Kingsway from 11 am to 9 pm, the festival was a spectacular showcase of color, music, food, cultural activities, and amusement rides, drawing in a diverse crowd eager to partake in the most important cultural festival for the community.

Embracing the spirit of the Lunar New Year, The Roe Australia set up a special stall at the festival, aimed at promoting the exceptional qualities of Australian sea urchin. Our mission was to enlighten Australians on the benefits of incorporating more sea urchin into their diets, highlighting its sustainability, nutritional value, and culinary versatility. Amidst a feast of festivities, our stall offered a unique experience with complimentary Sea Urchin Popcorn for guests who followed us on Instagram and captured their festival moments with our themed photo frame.

The festival’s array of color, music, and food was complemented by our efforts to introduce the richness of Australian sea urchin to festival-goers. Through our engagement, we aimed to educate attendees on the environmental and health benefits of this exquisite delicacy. Sea urchins, known for their nutritional richness, offer a sustainable and heart-healthy addition to the Australian diet, packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Our participation in the 2024 Glen Waverley Lunar New Year & Lantern Festival not only allowed us to showcase the unique flavors of the ocean but also to connect with the community in celebration of the Lunar New Year’s traditions and rituals, which are designed to bring good luck and fortune for the coming year. The event was a testament to the cultural diversity and culinary innovation that define Australia, with The Roe proudly at the forefront of this gastronomic exploration.

We are deeply grateful for the support and presence of the Mayor of the City of Monash, Nicky Luo, and John Mullahy MP, Member for Glen Waverley, who took the time to visit our stall and engage with our team. Their visit significantly endorsed our efforts to promote sustainable and healthy eating habits through the inclusion of sea urchin in the Australian diet. Additionally, special thanks to Karla Smith from the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA), who not only visited our stall but also featured our Sea Urchin Popcorn in a video, sharing it on the VFA’s official Facebook page. This wonderful gesture further highlighted the importance of sustainable seafood practices and the unique culinary delights that can be created with Australian sea urchin. We are truly grateful for their support and recognition of our initiative to promote local seafood.

As the festivities illuminated Kingsway, The Roe’s stall stood out as a beacon of culinary discovery, inviting visitors to delve into the delights of sea urchin and explore the broader tastes of Australian seafood. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who joined us in celebration and look forward to welcoming new and returning guests to The Roe, where our journey into the depths of oceanic flavors continues.

Stay updated on our latest culinary adventures and special events by following us on Instagram [@TheRoeAustralia]. Join us at The Roe to explore the best of Australian seafood, crafted with passion and innovation, as we continue to celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and flavors that Australia has to offer.

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