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The Roe Australia Celebrates Lunar New Year in Style

The Roe Australia ushered in the Lunar New Year with an unforgettable celebration held at Secret Kitchen on the 22nd of February, embracing the theme of 70’s Hong Kong style. This exclusive dinner brought together staff, management, and special guests for a night filled with festive cheer, traditional customs, and a showcase of culinary delights that paid homage to Asian cuisine.

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Celebration

The evening commenced at 6 PM with engaging opening remarks from Athena and Johnson, setting a joyful and welcoming tone for the event. Notable speeches from Peter and James, filled with warmth and gratitude, highlighted the significance of the occasion. The generosity of the season was palpable as red packets were distributed, a gesture deeply rooted in Lunar New Year traditions symbolizing good luck and prosperity.

A special performance by Athena, singing a New Year song – Flowers of Spring, alongside Kejing’s enchanting vocal rendition, added to the celebratory atmosphere. The event was further immortalized through a grand group photo, capturing the spirit of unity and joy among attendees.

Culinary Journey Through Asian Flavors

The dinner menu was a testament to the richness of Asian cuisine, curated to offer guests a taste of nostalgia with a modern twist. Highlights included Caramelized Sweet Pepper in Garlic Sauce, Spicy Jelly-Fish with Peanuts, and a variety of main courses that showcased the best of seafood and meats prepared with traditional techniques. The Prosperity Tossing ceremony, a symbolic act of wishing for luck and abundance in the coming year, was a communal highlight, fostering a sense of togetherness among the participants.

Acknowledgements and Future Aspirations

Special appreciation is extended to Athena for her impeccable organization of the evening, and heartfelt thanks are conveyed to Peter, Pauline, Lola, and all family and staff guests for their participation and support. The presence of management figures like Jessica, James, Athena, and Johnson was instrumental in making the evening a resounding success.

The Roe Australia’s Lunar New Year celebration at Secret Kitchen was not just a dinner; it was a vibrant commemoration of cultural heritage, a gathering of community, and a showcase of the culinary excellence that The Roe Australia stands for. As we move forward, this event sets a hopeful and joyous tone for the Year of the Dragon, symbolizing our collective aspirations for prosperity, happiness, and continued success.

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