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King Salmon Sea Urchin Don


Indulge in the luxurious flavors of our King Salmon Sea Urchin Don, where the richness of New Zealand King Salmon harmonizes with the delicacy of wild-caught Australian sea urchin. This exquisite pairing creates a symphony of tastes and textures, with the buttery, velvety salmon beautifully complemented by the creamy and slightly briny sea urchin. The dish is crowned with a generous sprinkle of crispy fish roe, adding satisfying crunch and a burst of briny goodness to every bite. It’s a culinary masterpiece that invites you to savor the finest treasures of the ocean in one unforgettable dish. 爆动海胆采用纽西兰进口的冰川帝王三文鱼,肉质自然明亮呈橙色,口感酷似牛油,只要你吃了,就回不去了。搭配澳洲海胆来自海洋的味道,这鲜美程度不是一般的绝啊!

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