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Fresh Long spine sea urchin is compact in texture, firm and has big sea urchin roe. It has a strong aftertaste and similar to Murasaki Uni in Japan

TAS 6A Long Spine Sea Urchin 100g


The long-spined sea urchin, harvested in TAS, is a mesmerizing creature with an otherworldly appearance. Its long, delicate spines give it an elegant yet formidable presence in the ocean. In terms of taste, they offer a creamy and distinctly oceanic flavor, reflecting the pristine waters they inhabit. Their unique flavor profile often makes them a sought-after delicacy, especially among seafood enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Whether enjoyed fresh or incorporated into various dishes, their exquisite taste captures the essence of the sea, leaving a memorable impression on those who indulge in their flavors.

TAS 6A Long Spine Sea Urchin 100g

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